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U.S. Tourist B2 VISA

Step by Step for U.S. B2-VISA (Tourist VISA) application procedures

First step

Customers contact our office by contact form, email, or phone.

Second step

The 1st remote interview is conducted via Zoom, Line etc.

If you wish, our office staff will come to see you nearby, at your home, some rental office space, cafeteria, etc., so we will have an interview in person.
(In this case, daily allowance 5,000 yen +tax + actual expenses including transportation fee will be paid by the client later)

*The first consultation (about 1 hour) is free. 
We charge 5,000 yen + tax per hour for the second and subsequent consultations. However, if we receive an order for a B2 VISA application, it will be treated as included in the price and will be free of charge.

Based on the “detailed interview” and the “questionnaire you filled out”, our office will determine whether or not B2 VISA permission is possible.

Third step

If we are able to accept your order, we will present an estimate, and if you request it, we will create a business consignment contract.
We will ask you to pay half of the estimated total amount as a business start fee (office fee) and the interview procedure fee at the US Embassy / Consulate, and issue a receipt.
(The interview procedure fee is $185.00 per person, but we will charge or refund the difference in the settlement fee in yen later.)

We will present a list of documents to be collected by the customer and request you to fill out a sheet of information required for the preparation of the DS-160 the start of business on the side of our office.

Fourth step

As soon as we receive all the documents from you, our office will start filling out your DS-160.

Fifth step

As soon as we complete the online application for DS-160, we will pay the interview fee of $185.00 with our credit card on behalf of you.
Then, we’ll make an appointment for your interview with an Embassy/Consulate officer in charge. (Please let us know in advance which day is inconvenient for you.)

The application work itself is done here, so please pay the remaining balance at this point.

Sixth step

On the day of the interview, please bring the required documents.
There seem to be some exceptions, but the result of B2 visa approval will be given after the interview on the day.
If permitted, the officer will explain the details of picking up the passport with the B2 VISA attached, so please follow the instructions to pick up the passport at a later date. (We recommend delivery by mailing.)

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Compensation table (excluding 10% tax)

Overview: Common to both plans

  • All revenue stamps required for obtaining documents at government offices will be billed separately later.
  • In principle, based on the information submitted by the customer, we will only accept orders if we can confirm that the customer can receive U.S. B2 VISA permission.
  • If you fail to receive the VISA, we don’t refund the fee because the reason for the denial is not disclosed by US side.

U.S. B2 VISA application

80,000 yen +tax

What you have to do

  • Please provide your information necessary to prepare the DS-160 application. (on questionnaire)
  • Please cooperate with the creation of other documents.
  • We will give you a customized list of documents that you need to collect, so please collect them.
    All documents must be translated into English and we can accept translation from Japanese to English for 2,000yen per A4 sheet at our office.
  • Please make the necessary copy documents.
  • Please go to the American Embassy for an interview.
    If permission is finally granted, please receive your B2 visa.

What our office will do

  • Our office will be in charge of filling out the DS-160 application form.
  • We will give you the PDF data of the DS-160.
  • We will give you all the advice you need about the US tourist B2 VISA application process.

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Contact us ! For any questions.


Translation from Japanese to English at our office
2,000yen + tax
per A4 sheet
In person 1st interview with us
5,000 yen + tax
+ actual lexpenses

Contact us !048-235-5811Open 11am-9pm [ex. Sun & holiday ]

Contact us ! For any questions.