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Spouse VISA Spouse or child of Japanese National or Permanent Resident and Long-term Resident VISA

Step by Step for “Spouse or Child of Japanese National or Permanent Resident(Hereafter referred to as Spouse VISA)” and “Long-term Resident VISA”application procedures

First contact

Clients contact our office by contact form, email, or phone.

First interview

The 1st remote interview is conducted via Zoom, Line etc.

If you wish, our office staff will come to see you nearby, at your home, some rental office space, cafeteria, etc., so we will have an interview in person.
(In this case, daily allowance 5,000 yen +tax + actual expenses including transportation fee will be paid by the client later)

first consultation (about 1 hour) is free. 
We charge 5,000 yen + tax per hour for the second and subsequent consultations. 
However, if we receive an order for Spouse VISA, it will be treated as included in the price and will be free of charge.

Based on the “detailed interview” and the “questionnaire you filled out”, our office will determine whether or not the VISA permission is possible.

Business starts after the contract is made

If we are able to accept your order, we will present an estimate, and if you request it, we will create a business consignment contract.
Half of the total amount is paid as a business start fee, and a receipt is issued.

We will present a list of documents to be collected by the customer and request you to fill out a sheet of information required for the preparation of the document at the start of business on the side of our office. 

No matter which plan you choose, we will kindly and politely inform you where to collect the necessary documents and how to collect them, so please count on our office staff.

Preparation of application documents

As soon as we receive all the documents from you, our office will start preparing the application documents. After completing the set of application documents, we’ll ask you to check all the documents and sign the required documents if there are no problems.

*Regarding the confirmation of documents throughout the application process, if you have difficulty reading Japanese, all you have to do is just trust our office and sign it.


Our office will promptly apply online on behalf of the client.
(As an option, if we need to explain complicated circumstances at the Immigration Bureau counter and you absolutely need to apply on paper, you will be charged 10,000yen + tax (“paper application document output fee” and “transportation expenses” included).)

Since the application work itself will be completed, please pay the balance at this point.

If there is an instruction to submit additional documents from the Immigration Bureau after completing the application, please contact our office immediately as we will take responsibility for the necessary measures.

Final result

After the document application, the examination will be completed in about 1 to 3 months and the result of the application will be notified to our office by email or mail.

In the case of permission, please proceed with the procedure according to the instructions of the notification, and you can receive a new residence card from the Immigration Bureau.

In the unlikely event that permission is not granted, we will start a meeting to reapply.

Contact us !048-235-5811Open 11am-9pm [ex. Sun & holiday ]

Contact us ! For any questions.

Compensation table (10% tax excluded) 

Overview – Common to all plans

  • All revenue stamps and postage required for obtaining documents at government offices will be billed separately when you pay the balance later.
  • In the case of permission for renewal and change, please bear the revenue stamp fee of ¥4,000 that you pay for the Immigration Bureau when you receive your new VISA card.
  • In principle, based on the information submitted by the client, we will only accept orders if we can confirm that the customer can receive Spouse VISA permission.
    In the unlikely event that permission is not granted, we will re-apply once more free of charge.
    (Since Application Stakeholders are allowed to hear the reason for refusal at the Immigration Bureau, in order to make the possibility of permission closer to perfection at the time of reapplication, our office staff will meet the immigration officer in charge to see the reason for refusal on behalf of the customer free of charge.  
    If you wish, please accompany us.
  • And if still you’re not permitted after the reapplication, we will refund the completion fee except in the following case below (refer to the disclaimer).

Spouse/Long-term Resident VISA PLAN

The client doesn’t have to visit the Immigration Bureau.

When a new spouse from other country is invited from abroad
COE for a Long-term Resident
120,000yen +tax
Changing the status of residence of a spouse
from other countries to Spouse VISA or Long-term Resident VISA
120,000yen +tax
Renewal of Spouse VISA and Long-term Resident VISA 
60,000yen +tax

What you have to do

First step
  • Please provide the information necessary for preparing the application documents by answering the question sheet, etc.
  • Please cooperate with the creation of the reason for applying for the VISA.
  • We will give you a customized list for you, so please collect all the documents.
    (documents from your home country and government offices in Japan, that is, all documents from municipal offices, tax offices, Legal affairs Bureau, etc.)
    All documents from your home country must be translated into Japanese. 
    We can accept translation from English for 2,000yen per A4 sheet at our office. 
    Document in other languages can be translated at actual cost as an option. (Please refer to the options.)
  • Please make the necessary copy documents.
  • You will need to mail the documents to our office at least twice, so we recommend that you purchase two Letter Packs from the post office in advance.
Second step

When you have all the documents ready, please hand them over to our office. (mail, etc.)

Third step
  • As soon as the work of our office is completed, we will send you all the documents to be submitted (by mail)
  • Please make the final confirmation and signature on the printed document.
Fourth step

After signing, please return all documents to our office. (mail, etc.)
(We will also give you the PDF data of all the documents as a copy of the application documents.)

What our office will do

  • We will take care of the application to the Immigration Bureau by proxy for you, so our office will have all the documents at hand.
  • Our office will be responsible for completing all application forms.
  • Our office will apply to the Immigration Bureau online.
  • We will also give you the PDF data of all the documents as a copy of the application documents.
  • We will give you all the advice you need about the Spouse VISA application process.

Contact us !048-235-5811Open 11am-9pm [ex. Sun & holiday ]

Contact us ! For any questions.


Translation from English to Japanese at our office     
2,000yen + tax,
per A4 sheet
Translation of foreign language documents obtained
from your home country, we will provide an estimate
and accept the actual cost   
About 5,000yen +tax,
per A4 sheet
Paper-based application and explanation
of the situation at the Immigration Bureau
 10,000yen +tax
+ actual expenses
Changed or Renewed VISA card pick-up
at the Immigration Bureau in person by proxy
10,000yen +tax
+ actual expenses
In person 1st interview
5,000yen + tax
+ actual expenses


  • If you have concealed disadvantageous facts or provided false information
  • If you do not cooperate with instructions such as requests for submission of additional documents from the Legal Affairs Bureau or the Immigration Bureau
  • If the client withdraws the application after applying (regardless of the reason)
  • In the event of a traffic violation or an accident resulting in injury or death after applying
  • If your income has decreased due to a change in circumstances such as resignation 
  • from the company or taking a leave of absence after applying.
  • Failure to pay pension, health insurance premiums or taxes by due date after applying.
  • If you commit a crime or join an anti-social organization after applying.
  • If you leave Japan without obtaining permission from the Legal Affairs Bureau or the Immigration Bureau after applying.
  • In addition, if you do something that makes it impossible to meet the requirements after applying, or if circumstances occur.

Contact us !048-235-5811Open 11am-9pm [ex. Sun & holiday ]

Contact us ! For any questions.